Can an inguinal hernia become incarcerated or strangulated on its own?

Yes it can. It can, but the overall chance is low. Even though the chance is low, it is unpredictable if it will happen to you or not. Additionally, unit happens, it can be life threatening. Also, planned repair is generally associated with less risk than emergency repair, and you can pick your surgeon for planned repair. Check the Americas hernia Society website to find the surgeon interested in hernia repair.
Yes. That is precisely why surgical repair is recommended before you find yourself in that situation, as it is a medical emergency. See a surgeon to discuss repair. The surgery is usually relatively simple with a short recovery time depending on the method used.

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Complication of inguinal hernia?

Untreated. If you mean an untreated inguinal (groin) hernia. Complications of a hernia can be pain, hernia enlargement, low risks of bowel obstruction, hernia incarceration or strangulation resulting in dead bowel... Most inguinal hernias do not get complications. Read more...
Pain, obstruction. it can cause pain, swelling, bulge in the area, if bowel are entrapped in it,
it can cause bowel blockage or even rupture of bowels in some cases. If it is hurting it should be assessed sooner. Read more...

How to make my inguinal hernia better?

Surgical repair. Is definitive cure. Other modalities, such as truss or supporters, are temporizing fixes at best. Read more...