What is the best dental plan with coverage for orthodontics?

Orthodontic Plans. The insurance world is so complicated. It's almost impossible to keep up because they are constantly changing. Banner health pays the best from what i've seen but it may not be available in your area. The best thing to do is call your local orthodontist and ask them because insurance varies region to region.
Employer determined. Depends on what the employer purchases. We have had employees of the same company with different coverage because of their position in the company. Want the best plan? Get the one your us congressperson has (that we pay for). Look for a plan that allows you to go "out of network" and that doesn't set limits for the orthodontist. You don't want the insurance company dictating treatment.
Too complicated. The best insurance plan is one that you obtain more in benefit that you pay in premium. In most instances, dental insurance is most beneficial when its is part of a benefit package from an employer. Individual dental plans are more costly and many have waiting periods of 12 months for orthodontics. It also depends on whether the plan is an indemnity, PPO, or dental HMO.
Individual freedom. The best plan to cover orthodontic treatment is one that gives you the best coverage for general dental care without restrictions. The key to successful orthodontics is freedom of choice and maintaining a healthy mouth. Most insurance plans cover only a modest portion of needed treatment and the cost of being forced to go to a dentist is too great. If your coverage is a little less, ok.
Not funny, but... The best orthodontic plan is that of the congress of the United States. I treated 3 children of my local congressman, and was paid in full up front. No questions asked. Of course "we" all pay for this wonderful plan. The answer to your question has too many variables, but look for an employer with the best medical/dental benefits; otherwise the cost of the insurance maybe> more than treatment.
Depends.... Depends on the employer. The orthodontic benefit is an extra rider on your dental insurance policy. Your employer determines the level of benefit. If you are considering orhtodontic treatment, check with your hr and find out which plan has the better coverage. If you are self employed, the cost of purchasing a dental insurance might out weigh the orthodontic benefit you would get from that plan.
Plans all differ. Purchasing insurance is unfortunately like purchasing an automobile in the sense that different companies offer a multitude of available options as well as specific limitations and/or exclusions or certain procedures. An insurance agent who can write policies for more than one company would be a starting point for finding a policy that meets your needs for othodontic treatment.