Episodes of dizziness head pressure, head feels swollen, blurry vision, feeling "drunk", feeling of dizzy & falling when lying on back, awaken frequently at night only during episodes. Possible causes?

Bppv . You have the most common cause of dizziness . It is called benign positional vertigo. It is caused by having small crystals (calcium deposits that have broken off from the sense organ in the semicircular canal). These crystals give you the sensation you are moving, when you are not and they make you feel dizzy or lightheaded. This will wake you up from your sleep . See an ENT to fix it.

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Having dizziness, blurry vision and constant head pressure for more than a year. Now, my pupils are dilated. Is this normal?

See a doc. The symptoms you describe above warrant a visit to your doctor. It is possibly that blurry vision may be causing headaches. The solution may be as simple as a pair of glasses. Read more...