Dry tongue white patches and raised bumps on back of tongue is it hiv?

HIV. This is not indicative of HIV but needs to be checked by a physician. It may be simple thrush but please get it checked.
Asked and answered. Not sure why you are rejecting the expert opinions and accurate answers here. But you do not have any symptom of HIV infection. The bumps are your taste buds. The other symptom is nearly meaningless without an examination. Dry mouths and a thousand other things can give you an appearance of a white tongue. .
Hairy Leukoplakia? Is it like this, read below? http://diseasespictures.com/oral-hairy-leukoplakia/
Likely a . yeast infection can treat with Diflucan (fluconazole). If you have a documented Positive HIV....then this is a symptom of suppressed immune.