Is there anything you can do to get better from mucositis?

Mucositis is a .... Common side effect of many chemotherapy drugs, which cause mucosal inflammation. This can be painful and is exacerbated by hsv reactivation (which is all too common among cancer patients). Supportive care with bicarb rinses, magic mouthwash (mylanta/benadryl/viscous lidocaine), etc is helpful to keep mouth clean. Opiate pain relief and when appropriate, acyclovir. Count recovery is the most help.
Depends on the cause. Mucositis or inflammation and irritation of the mucosal tissues can be due to a number of causes. Treatment is dependent upon the etiology of the mucositis. For some patients, pain relief can be provided with a mouthrinse usually containing an anesthetic agent such as xylocaine (lidocaine) in combination with other ingredients. However, the cause still needs to be identified and treated accordingly.