What is meditation?

Intention. Meditation means to familiarize or cultivate. What is it that we are cultivating? Normally in our daily life we are driven by our habits, emotions, thoughts and environment. In meditation we seek to generate an in born contentment, happiness and confidence that isn't conditioned by external factors but is self arising and free from doubt.
Hmmmmmm. Clearing your mind. A way to relax. Close your eyes and relax. Requires repetition every day allow 5-10 minutes in a quite place (room, park, sauna, bath tub etc) hmmmmmmm.
Meditation. Meditation is a mental practice where you learn to focus your attention in one area. There are many different types-- some (like transcendental) asking you to repeat a specific phrase or mantra, and others (mindfulness) asking you to simply observe what's present without trying to change anything at all. The result can be a much calmer emotional state, as well as more relaxed physiology too.

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I have a crack on my anus. Itz very painful. What is meditation for this type of diseases?

Fissure? That sounds like an anal fissure. You should be evaluated by a physician for diagnosis and treatment right away. You will be able to get a prescription for a good numbing medicine.
Anal fissure. The most common treatment for an acute anal fissure consists of making the stool more formed and bulky with a diet high in fiber and over-the-counter fiber supplementation. Stool softeners and increasing water intake may be necessary to promote soft bowel movements. Topical anesthetics for pain and warm tub baths for 10-20 minutes after bowel movement may promote relaxation and help.
Stool softener. The first thing is to keep hydrated, take sufficient fiber, take fiber laxative if your food does not have enough fiber. Make sure your stool is soft. Sitting in warm water may help. You may try over the counter treatments for anal fissure. See this site for more information on this issue and treatment. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/anal-fissure/basics/definition/con-20024998.

What does meditation do if you fall asleep during? Does your mind still activelly take it all in?

Meditation. Falling asleep happens as you progress in meditation. The process allows self-forgiveness for drifting and falling asleep ; forgiveness becomes a deeply ingrained habit. You do it over and over again and eventually it stops happening and your mind settles down for longer and shorter periods of profound silence, peace, even enjoyment. When your mind drifts or you become drowsy you just notice.
Of course not. Sleep is sleep. If you're sleeping, by definition you're not "actively taking it all in." Don't get mystical about meditation. There's nothing magical or supernatural about it.
Not uncommon, but no. If you fall asleep during meditation, it may be relaxing you which is not a bad thing. However, if you are sleeping you are not meditating. Many people fall asleep when they meditate before bed, especially if they are lying down. Try a different time of day and an upright position, seated with a straight back. Start slowly, maybe 10 minutes. If you stay awake you can slowly increase your time.

What specific meditation or visualization programs do you recommend for self healing? #nqlu I'm specifically healing my cervical and lumbar spine injured in 2 car accidents. I have tried all the traditional medical protocols; acdf cervical fusion, epidural

As. As doctors trained in western medicine our training does not include meditation or visualization techniques. I recommend you seek the help of someone well trained in this area. A holistic medical provider may be of assistance. Also accupuncture and accupressure may provide some relief. I wish I could be of more assistance. Best of luck.
Hard to do it alone. Stretching and knowing your body's limitations will go a long way...Nsaids if you do not have contraindications are extremely helpful as well.
No one best program. Meditation & visualization can promote healing & reduce pain. Consider brainwave biofeedback & tools like the insight cd: products. Mercola. Com/insight-focus/ there are many good visualization programs- try a few to see what resonates. Consider acupuncture, frequency specific microcurrent, homeopathy, neural therapy, prolozone, see holistic doc re: herbs & nutrients to support healing, see comment:.

How can one increase his/her emotional stability? What medications? What foods? Excersice, meditation? What else? Any studien on this that you recommend?

Emotional stability. You've got the most of it. 0 cigarettes, 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (and a multivitamin), at least 10 minutes of relaxation daily, maintaining bmi < 30, and 150 mins of exercise a week. The other uniquely effective path to emotional stability is a meditation practice. Try reading jon kabbat-zinn's "whereever you go, there you are." and start slow, only 5-10 minutes a day, and build.
Abdominal breathing. Studies have shown that meditation can have positive effects on your autonomic nervous system, your immune system and your hormonal systems, thus rebalancing your overall metabolism. Proper abdominal breathing techniques are paramount in achieving the relaxation response. You do not need to be a master. Find someone who can teach you this and then practice it consistently.

Does meditation helps to grow taller? If yes what meditation is it?

No. Your height is determined by your genetic make up with some nutritional influence.
No evidence. There is no proof that meditation affects height. But good technique to enhance relaxation and self awareness.

What kind of meditation should I do if I'm very depressed?

Medication for dep. Your doctor will be able to take your family history and prescribe the proper antidepressant for your depression. The typical medications are ssri's and they include: paxil, (paroxetine) prozac, celexa, pristique, lexapro, zoloft and others.
Depression. If depressed and you want to meditate, it can help to do this with others. There are meditation classes and retreats at centers such as spirit rock and others. Also it can help to combine movement -- such as yoga -- with meditation. Yoga can be a form of meditation, and a book by amy weintraub, yoga for depression. There are also mindful walking meditations. Best to mix sitting with moving.

What kind of meditation produces side effects similar to binaural beats?

Not side effects. Meditation doesn't really produce side effects, but it can help calm and focus your mind. One company selling binaural beat recordings claims their products allow you to "meditate like a zen monk, literally at the touch of a button" and "deeper than a zen monk." I don't know of research comparing actual zen monks doing mindfulness meditation, with regular people using these expensive products.

How to tell what kind of meditation pillows I need for my stress-reducing exercise?

Ones in your mind. Seriously, medication is about your head, not what parephanalia you can buy or worry about buying. If one can only relax and meditate on brand x pillow, or type b pillow one has not developed the skill very well to find inner peace or reduce the stress from the real world. Any comfortable pillow will help, but I sure hope a certain type is not necessary, cheers!
Only if you want. You can sit on a chair for meditation, or use pillows if you like. If the latter, you want one that allows you to sit upright comfortably, with pelvis slightly tilted forward. This aligns your spine in its natural "s" curve, and opens your chest (heart) area. What you don't want is a "slouch" position that closes you back down. Really, though, a chair that supports you is fine also.

Woke up due to strain in the neck in the middle of night. Not being able to sleep due to the uneasiness. Is it serious and what meditation to take?

Sleep. If the neck strain went away or if you already know what caused it and are getting treatment, it may be anxiety. But medication is not the only answer. Psychotherapy is a better long term solution if it is anxiety. As for medication, SSRIs are often prescribed to help keep mood in the normal range. They don't work fast though. Some physicians may prescribe a small amount of other antianxiety meds.