Is it safe to take magnesium oxide every day as a supplement?

Magnesium supplement. Healthy adults who eat varied diet generally do not need to take magnesium supplement.If your diet is erratic or if your magnesium level in blood is low than you can take a supplement .The dose is usually 5 to 10 times the body weight in kilogrammes.

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Is it safe to take magnesium oxide every day?

Yes with supervision. If you have somewhat slower kidney function you could accumulate magnesium levels in blood causing abnormal heart rhythm. Need a doctor supervision for every day use for long term. At least need doctors clearance for starting a long term use. He will factor the risk vs benefit and your blood level and your other meds interacting with it and the cause to use it and if there is a better option. Read more...

Is it safe to take magnesium oxide during pregnancy?

Check with md. You should check with your OB /gyn doctor before taking any supplements during pregnancy. High magnesium can causes weakness of arms and legs and stop uterine contractions. Read more...