How rare is loin pain, hematuria syndrome?

Very rare. Loin pain-hematuria syndrome was first described in 1967, as severe unilateral or bilateral flank pain accompanied by hematuria. It is a very rare entity, with a prevalence ranging from 0.012% to 0.07% percent of the population.
Common. Hematuria can be painful or painless. Painful can be related to kidney, ureteral, or sones in the urethra. Other pain can occur from kidney obstructions or rumors, bladder rumors, urethral stricture, urethritis. Fairly common.

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How rare is loin pain from hematuria syndrome?

Extremely rare. It is a diagnosis of exclusion- very very rare. Probably less than 1 per 20, 000. Other conditions should first be excluded. Read more...

What is Loin pain hematuria syndrome and how is it diagnosed? What is excluded before this diagnosis?

End Of The Line. We call it"phantom kidney stones"in my neck of the woods because it acts like a kidney stone but no kidney stones are found. In its pure form it is extremely rare & is a diagnosis of exclusion (i.e., after other things have been eliminated). I suspect it's like a lot of other "colicky"pain(e.g. gall bladder,abdominal cramps) and due to the contraction of muscles that line the urine tubes (ureters) Read more...

What are my options with loin pain hemiaturia syndrome?

Myofascial Release!! Imo, all chronic non-cancer pain issue start out as simple myofascial (muscle trigger point) tissues disease. This means it is treatable with myofascial release therapy. Mfrt come in a spectrum from simple hands-on techniques to complex dry needles therapy. I like acupuncture. Add in a wellness program and you will improve. Safe, non-toxic and effective. Read more...