Severe jerking movements during sleep?

Many causes. Jerking movements occurring as one is falling asleep are called hypnic jerks and are normal. Jerks during sleep may be periodic limb movements if they are repetitive, brief, and occur in series. If they cause poor sleep or daytime sleepiness, they can be treated, but they often occur in normal subjects. Jerks may occur with sleep apnea , parasomnias (abnormal sleep behavior), and seizures.

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What causes jerking movements during sleep?

Sleep disorder. Jumping leg syndrome is a well known sleep disorder arising from an irritable brain. There are medications but I have found that sugar ingestion and caffeine are common causes. Try doing "cold turkey" on both if you are using them (who doesn't?). Read more...

Jerking movements of legs during sleep?

Sleep disorder. This is a well known condition related to brain irritability, medications are available. See your doctor. Read more...