How do you get tested for ADHD if inattentive?

Carefully. There are no blood tests, labs or medical scans to diagose adhd.Symptom checklists , rating scales, broadband assessments, and continue performance tests are helpful but not diagnostic.A careful, thorough history, physical exam and clinical observation by a well trained , experienced professional is the correct approach.
See a professional. You can get tested by a number of professionals. A psychiatrist or psychologist ( pediatrician if below 18 ) can make the diagnosis. There are many different tests available.. Most use what is known as the dsm IV criteria. There are also many self rating scales that can help with making the diagnosis.Your family physician may be willing to test and treat you if needed.

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How do you get tested for ADHD inattentive type?

Neurodevelopmental . Neurodevelopmental testing can demonstrate scattered attention, deficient working memory, poor summarization/comprehension, slow cognitive tempo, poor saliency determination & metacognition. These neurologic findings cannot be seen on questionnaires, so you must be tested to demonstrate these deficiencies. Read more...