Soar throat dry mouth white covering on tongue is it hiv?

You tell us. What do your tests tell you? This symptom us not in any way a sign of a new or early HIV infection. This is not how HIV presents.

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Whit tongue especially in back red up front dry mouth soar throat is it hiv?

Thrush. You may have thrush which is a yeast infection. Its easy to treat all you nee to do is contact a doctor for a prescription.

Body aches, soar throat, nose is plugged up, dry mouth, no fever. What should I do?

Probable cold. Sounds like a viral illness so treat symptoms. Should resolve on its own.
Virus. This sound like a typical cold or virus and it wil resolve itself. Stay hydrated and nourished. Ibuprophen can help with the aches. If this gets worse or doesn't improve in several days you may want to see you primary care to rule out other causes.

Body-joint aches like when u have a cold, warm attacks, feel weak, dry mouth, tip tongue sensitive, but no fever no sore throat?

Non-specific. These symptoms are too vague to allow even speculation as to their cause. If they continue, make a list of all symptoms and time they occur and see your pcp and allow full exam and evaluation.
Re-Evaluation needed. Could even be lyme disease. Get more evaluations and opinions from maybe an infectious disease doctor.