What type of immunity is a person receiving from the Hib vaccine?

Immuniti with Hib va. Hib vaccine which is given with series of four shots in first and second year of life, gives you immunity against hemophilus I nfluenza b, bacteria which can cause pneumonia, otitis media and meningitis in children.
Builds/not receives. This vaccine uses lab derived material to stimulate the production of active antibodies in the patient. This would allow the patient to fight off HiB germ invasion in the future. It does not "give" immunity, like a mother passes temporary immunity to her baby through the placenta. It allows the patient to build their own active immunity.

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What type of immunity is a person receiving with the Hib vaccine?

Hib vaccine IMMUNITY. Hig vaccine provides immunity against hemophilus inflenza type b, can cause meningitis, pneumonia and otitis media in children, it was responsible foe 3 million serious illnesses and 38600 deaths per year in children all over the world.
None, builds active. You receive passive immunity from your mother when it passes through the placenta, This fades over time. You can also receive immunity if you get a gamma globulin shot. The Hib vaccine stimulates your body to make active antibodies.

What type of immunity is a person receiving when given Hib vaccine?

ACTIVE IMMUNITY. The hib vaccine gives one active immunity. Therefore it stay with you for a long time...Life.
None. They don't receive any immunity. The vaccine helps them generate their own active antibodies to the germ. You can receive immunity from your mother in the womb, or when given gamma globulin or other forms of globulin.