Any herbal treatment for allergies?

Beware. Many herbal medicines make claims with anecdotal evidence but not scientific double blind study. Placebo effect works about 35% of the time!

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What should we do and is their any herbal treatment for allergies?

Avoid exposure. The simplest answer is to avoid exposure. However certain prophylactic remedies prior to exposure may help prevent full blown symptoms. Read more...

What are some natural or herbal treatment for allergies?

Hard to say. It really depends onthe type of allergy you are asking about. If it is runny stuffy nose, itchy eyes etc..It is probably due to something i the air(dust, pollen, pets). Avoidance is the cure..But usually hard to do...I am unaware of any effective herbal treatments..In fact, some people who are allergic to grass or weed pollen get sicker when taking herbal remedies..Be careful. Read more...