Is it ok to take the hepatitis b vaccine series twice?

Yes. Small percentage of people do not develop adequate response to the hepatitis b vaccine, even after three doses. They can get another series of vaccination especially if affected individuals are at high risk to get infected with hepatitis b.
3 shot course. Safe to take, even if not needed the second time around. May be given the rx if 1st course didn't work, or was interrupted.

Related Questions

What to do about hepatitis b vaccine - can you re-start the series if you don't know how many you've taken?

Yes. If you think you completed the series you can have a blood test to see if your protection level is good. If you started the series, the same testing should show some effect and you might be able to just take a booster or two to be done. It does not hurt to start over with the full series.

What does it mean when you get the hepatitis b vaccine (all 3 series) but titer still shows no immunity?

Nonresponder? People who do not mount immune response following a primary 3 dose series should have the entire series repeated. Inappropriate dose /admininistration, chronic disease and habits can can cause this.

Is it thought of as dangerous to take the hepatitis b vaccine twice?

Possibly. Only should take if your immunity is proven to be low by a serum titer. Patients with multiple sclerosis may develope an exacerbation secondary to the components in the the hepatitis b vaccine.

I took hepatitis b vaccine 2 shots twice (after a gap of 2-3 years) but I never took 3rd shot, do I need to take 3rd shot? Or do I've to take all again

Take the 3rd. The immune system is quite forgiving to those with delays. You have likely had some decrease in your protection from the delay but you do not need to start over, the booster effect should be normal.

Please tell me, could a patient of high sgpt take hepatitis b vaccine?

Why is SGPT high? How high is the enzyme level. While elevated SGPT by itself is not a contraindication to hep b vaccination, you should consult your doctor for investigation. If you drink alcohol, stop entirely and re test in three months.

Does my baby really need the hepatitis b vaccine, living in a typical suburb in the u.S.?

Lifetime protection. Years ago they targeted risk groups for the vaccine & it made no dent in the hep b in the country. In hawaii where it sometimes passed mom to baby, they started giving it to all babies & started to see a drop at all ages. Use in infants protects them for a lifetime, no mater what type of lifestyle or exposures they have. I have seen a 9mo with hep b chronic hepatitis/failure & it wasn't pretty.

Can a hepatitis b vaccine war off?

Depends. If you do not complete the 3 dose series the effectiveness may wain over time. Since it has only been available since 1986, it may take some time to see if it has a lifelong benefit.

Can I get hepatitis b vaccine pill?

Hep B vaccine. In the current recommendations, Hepatitis B Vaccine does not come in pill form - only injections.
No. There are oral medicines that can be used to treat the virus but the vaccine is only injectable.