1 yr chronic upper back pain. Now 5 sec. Pinching pains in left breast and chest and straight back to shoulderblade. What causes this?

Upper back pain? Have you had a neck injury? Do you work stooped over at a desk? The new pain sounds like it might be nerve-related. Consider seeing a doctor since you have had it for one year already and are getting new symptoms now.

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Pain in left breast along outer edge of breast along underwire line of bra (without bra on). Upper back pain. PCP says heart ok. What causes this?

Herniated disc. There are several possibilities for this pain. Herpes zoster (shingles), an inflamed rib head as it inserts into the spine, or a herniated disc in the thoracic spine (thoracic level 6/7) are some of the possibilities. See a neurosurgeon for evaluation and treatment of the pain. . Read more...

What would cause one sharp deep pain in chest to the left of sternum? No other symptoms. Chronic upper back pain.

Depends. To answer this question, we like to know the duration of this pain, the nature, provoking factors and relieving factors. Causes can be due to muscle strain, heart disease, lung disease, infections, tumors, esophageal spasms, blood clots, etc. Get checked out ! Read more...