Saw dr for sore throat and painful cough, she heard nothing in my chest, said could be asthma (puffers not working) cough 2days, is this likely a virus?

Pleuritis. Chest pain associated with cold like symptoms that do not improve with inhalers could indeed be caused by viral infections, particularly if they cause inflammation of the outer layer called the pleura. Occasionally this is treated with steroids. .

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Shortness of breath that started from sore throat chest xray clear had this for 8 weeks never had asthma. Inhaler doesn't help neither do steroids?

You could still. have pneumonia. If your chest xray was taken several days or weeks back, it may not have detected signs of pneumonia yet. If the treatment you were Rx isn't working you should really go back to your doctor for another complete exam. If you develop worsening chest pain, difficulty/fast breathing, or any other worsening symptoms, you should be seen immediately. Read more...