I might have gestational diabetes does this mean they might want to deliver my baby prematurely before it gets huge?

Depends on control. If your blood sugar stays high during pregnancy it will create problems for baby. Baby will begin to to make its own Insulin & begin storing the excess as enlargement of organs and body size. At some point, baby may be to large to go thru your birth canal & c-section may be necessary. If you achieve & maintain good control, baby will remain normal & normal delivery may be possible.

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Since I have gestational diabetes, should I change what I eat after I deliver my baby?

Best to change now. It is probably most important for your baby for you to be most attentive to your diet now rather than waiting til after your baby is born. The environment in utero is very important to your baby and if your blood sugar levels are constantly high, your baby can be at risk for a number of conditions that can affect him or her at birth and thereafter. Talk with your OB on a recommended diet for now. Read more...

Will peds want me to deliver my baby a couple weeks early with my gestational diabetes?

No. Newborns born to diabetic mothers are at higher risk to develop respiratory distress syndrome especially when delivered before full-term. Please be aware that estimation of due date has a margin of error of 1-2 weeks. Read more...