What is the metal and mineral content in lucitan 199 denture material?

Call dealer to ask. Dealers like the one at this link may have MDS information sheets on the products from the manufacturer. Or they might give you contact info. http://www.pattersondental.com/Supplies/ProductFamilyDetails/24431 Hope this helps.
Metal free. Lucitone 199 heat-cure acrylic and is metal free.
3 main ingredients. Lucitone 199 is manufactured by Dentsply International and is a powder/ liquid compound. Its ingredients are Dibenzoyl peroxide, Titanium Dioxide and the liquid is Methylmethacrylate.
Denture. There should not be any metal or inorganic components in a lucitone 199 denture material. This material is a resin/hard plastic material. Hope this helps. If you want to know the specifics, I would search the web for an MSDS for this material and it should tell you everything you want to know.
Try these links: http://www.dentsply.com/en-us/catalog/product.dir.html/Prosthetics/Removable/Denture-Base/Heat-Cure/199-Denture-Base/p/PRO-688103.html http://www.degudent.com/Communication_and_Service/Download/Safety_Data_Sheets/Safety_Data_Sheets/EN_Lucitone_199_Liquid.pdf?Z_highmain=1&Z_highsub=168&Z_highsubsub=0.