Can duloxetine cause excessive sleepiness?

Yes. Duloxetine is a re-uptake inhibitor of serotonin and norepinephrine, and can cause fatigue and slepiness in some people.

Related Questions

Can arthritis meds cause excessive sleepiness?

Usually not. Some people sleep better because they in less pain with nsaids. Most of the arthritis drugs do not cause drowsiness, except for drugs for spasm (soma, etc), flexeril, amitryptiline, and lyrica (pregabalin).
Not typically. Having said that, Indocin (indomethacin) which is an older arthritis med can definitely cause sleepiness but most of the other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories do not generally cause sleepiness in my experience.

Why does depression cause excessive sleepiness?

Depression. Hypersomnia occurs in depression not because of exhaustion or fatigue in the conventional sense. Rather, sleeping excessively can be thought of as a defense against dealing with life, and avoiding as much of it as possible.

What could have caused your excessive sleepiness after taking hcg?

Why take HCG. Hcg or human chorionic gonadotrophin does not have any approved medical uses. It has been used in homeopathic medicines but its use is illegal in the usa. There is no clear reason why it would cause sleepiness.

What causes excessive sleepiness?

Hypersomnolence. Other than this answer? Hypersomnolence must be differentiated from fatigue. Excessive sleepiness can result from a decreased wake drive (the scn is off-i.e. You are awake when you should be sleeping such as shift workers) or an increased sleep debt is owed (lack of sleep or unrestorative sleep), or a combination of the two. Causes can include narcolepsy, osa, swd, metabolic or medication effects.
Sleep Apnea. If you have symptoms such as insomnia snoring hypersomnia excessive daytime sleepiness obesity asian race cognitive deficits mood disorders htn etc increase the chance of sleep apnea rule out other causes, could be medical, genetic long sleeper etc.

Are there diseases that would cause joint and muscle pain as well as excessive sleepiness?

Yes. Several different rheumatological disorders are characterized by pain and fatigue on a chronic basis. Sometimes acute viral syndromes can cause these symptoms for a short time.

Can adrenal gland cause excessive sleepiness after eating?

No. Sleepiness after eating is usually due to Amino Acids like tryptophan in the food, that is why people get sleepy after thanksgiving turkey.

Extreme tiredness no energy excessive sleepiness no cause has been found bloods have come back normal memory problems sleep during the day.

Too common. Enigmatic hypersomnia (idiopathic) is seen in young women sometimes without clear cause. In the majority of the young ladies I have seen with this, the condition almost always improves within a few years. Worth seeing a doctor who specializes in sleep medicine nonetheless to make sure no other reason and to discuss treatment options.