Poor posture/tense when asleep/grind my teeth at night /possible lupus or depression/Slightly low iron how to determine cause of fatigue/Weakness?

Evaluation. continue to work with your doctor and dentist to find the cause. Nighttime grinding can be caused by sleep disturbances. Concider an evaluation for sleep apnea. A sleep medicine doctor may be able to help you.
Answers. Best course of action is to see local dentist and physician for complete and thorough work up and evaluation to resolve theses issues. Set up some appointments today and feel better sooner.
Gluten sensitivity? There are many possibilities of what could be the cause. Nutrient deficiencies could be due to malabsorption which could be due to damaged gut cells due to gluten sensitivity. Eat beets and red cabbage for the iron, and try eliminating gluten for a few months and see how you feel.