Quite a bit of white/milky watery vaginal discharge with no pain and no strong odor or itching. Had a UTI over a month ago.?

Possible yeast. If you were treated with an antibiotic for the UTI, the most likely cause of a white vaginal discharge is a fungal overgrowth in the vaginal canal. The should respond to one of the OTC anti fungal vaginal creams used for a week, such as gyne-lotrimin. If the problem persists, see your family physician or gynecologist.
UTI's. Hopefully your UTI was treated medically. If not, and in light of your current symptoms, you need to see a gynecologist as soon as possible. .

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Watery vaginal discharge. No itch. Smells like apple cider. Neg for trich gon chly, normal yeast and bac flora per lab. Ocurring 3 + yrs. Any sugg?

Vaginal discharge. It sounds like you have been tested for the usual causes of an abnormal discharge. All menstruating women have some discharge depending on where they are in their cycle. The odor and consistency of the discharge may just be normal for you due to the particular vaginal flora you have. I would avoid douching as this may disrupt the balance of flora. Read more...
Bacterial vaginosis? The only way you will get a good understanding of the cause of this will be to have the discharge analyzed and cultured by an OB. By your comments it appears you may have done this already. BV is a common problem with several effective therapies. See your OB to see if that can be addressed and treated, if that is the issue. It may be related to some aspect of your daily routine- see your OB . Read more...