High blood pressure last 3 visits to dr.?

High blood pressure. Usually if someone has multiple readings that are high we discuss things that can be done with lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure. If not willing to do that or the pressure is still elevated then we discuss starting medicine. Something else you can do is to measure your blood pressure at other times and places to see if it is high.

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My father age is 63 yrs. Last 3 months he was suffering from high blood pressure but suddenly blood pressure goes down below and flatuate cont...?

Common. Blood presssure is normally fuctuating. One minute you many have 120/80 and the next if you are anxious or stressed out could be 200/100. Stress, lack of activity, salt, alcohol, other meds, your weight, can aggressively affect your minute to minute bp.

Obgyn said bc can cause high blood pressure? Stopped my bc last month want to be healthy & get off blood pressure meds. How does this happen next step

See below. One must balance the risk and benefit of every medication (and of everything you do in life). Bc can increase BP a little, but in general not a lot. If you take bc and don't see any increase in your BP then don't worry. It may be possible for you to get off BP meds.

I was advice to take medicine to control high blood pressure and using it from last two months, but my sexual desire is reduce please sugest me. Thanks?

HTN med side effects. Medications for hypertension often have an undesirable effect of lowering your sexual performance and drive. Focus more on the relationship and take your time in your sexual expression.