Can STD's like: AIDs, HPV, Gonorrhea, syphlis transmit through external genital contact and no penetration -no sexual intercourse?

Rarely for some STDs. Thanks for your question. Very low risk for all STDs and zero risk for some. No risk -- at least low enough to be ignored -- for STDs passed by genital fluids (gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis B). STDs that are transmitted skin-to-skin (herpes, HPV, syphilis) could be transmitted, but very rarely even for these. I hope this helps. Stay safe!
STDs. Yes, several STDs including syphilis, GC, HIV and HPV can be transmitted in the absence of penile vaginal penetration. Be careful, use only protected sexual contacts.

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4 days late. No sexual intercourse but fooled around naked genitals touching, 4 neg tests. Feeling naseus, how common is a baby or is this a std?

Time to see Dr. Go to a dr or to planned parenthood & see what is going on - get an exam, etc. While you are there, please discuss appropriate birth control. You should not have ant contact w/ a penis for any reason without a condom and good birth control unless you want to get an std and/or get pregnant because both are possible when you fool around. Please take care of yourself. No guy is worth it - trust me. Read more...