What do you suggest if my child has cavernous hemangioma.?

Pediatric derm. I suggest a pediatric dermatologist at a center that excels in vascular abnormalities in children. This may seem a very specialized doctor, and it is because this is where you will get the most options for treatment. You live in a big city with several excellent children's hospital centers nearby. Go on-line and seek a pediatric dermatologist that specializes in vascular malformations in children.

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My 7 -week daughter has a cavernous hemangioma on her chest. Considering removal - what is the best option: cryo /suggested by doc. Laser? Other?

Is it. Is it growing? Does this doctor treat a lot of hemangiomas? See pediatric dermatologist to discuss treatment options.
Depends. Size location other spots some will fade out in time without intervention second opinion can be useful.
Beta blocker? If this is a growing infantile type hemangioma, then the treatment of choice is oral propranolol. This is far superior in efficacy and safety to steroids or invasive surgical options.

My daughter has cavernous hemangioma. How is this treated?

Hemangiomas. Cavernous hemangiomas tend to get larger for the first 6 months after birth, and usually start to regress (shrink) on their own over the next several months to years. When these vascular lesions enlarge rapidly (can threaten airway, eye, or other structures) they are sometimes treated with steroids or laser. Otherwise, they are carefully observed. Treatment for cosmetic purposes may vary.

What is the best procedure to treat a cavernous hemangioma of spinal cord?

Depends. If it is small or not causing nerve pressure or leading to weakness of the spinal column it can be observed. If it is causing such problems, it is removed by surgery. Depending on size and location, a fusion may be necessary. A spine surgeon can provide the options in an individual's case.
Observation. Surgery is considered when it bleeds or causes a neurological deficit. I would discuss the options carefully with your neurosurgeon.

What is the chance a retinal cavernous hemangioma is acquired in early childhood versus congenital?

Probably congenital. Retinal cavernous hemangioma is a benign retinal vascular tumor that is believed to be congenital and inherited (autosomal dominant). These lesions can be associated with similar central nervous system vascular anomalies, as well as skin vascular malformations. There are usually not symptomatic or progressive, and are probably most often found incidentally during a routine eye exam.

Had a stg 1A/grade1 ovary mucus tumor 2013. Now have a 2.8x1.9cm cavernous hemangioma in 7th liver segment. T2 hyperintense/well margined. Thoughts?

Unrelated conditions. Ovarian cancer in general has no association with cavernous hemangiomas of liver regardless of the stage of ovarian disease. One has to periodically check pelvis for possible recurrence of ovarian disease even if unlikely. Most hepatic hemangiomas are small and asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis, and they are likely to remain that way. In addition, malignant transformation has not been seen.