Can adults suffering from complex partial seizure lead a normal life?

Yes. Medications are available to control this condition. You should make sure to identify the cause.

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Whats a complex partial seizure?

See below. Complex partial seizures affect a larger area of the brain than simple partial seizures. It affects consciousness-person can't interact or control movements, speech or actions; doesn't know what their doing; can't remember afterwards what happened during the seizure. Often take place in the temporal lobes-bilat. Cereb. Hemispheres sometimes referred to as temporal lobe epilepsy/psychomotor epilepsy.
Lapse of awareness. Usually under 90 second episodes of loss of awareness, with automatic behaviors (picking at clothes, smacking lips, fumbling with objects). Person may look awake, but stares, and is unable to respond. Has loss of memory for at least some of the seizure. Associated with typical eeg abnormality. Most commonly arise from temporal lobe of brain. Most common seizure type in adults.

Who has a complex partial seizure?

See below: The prevalence of epilepsy is approximately 0.5-1 case per 100 persons. Complex partial seizures occur in about 35% of persons with epilepsy. Partial seizures are more common in countries where cysticercosis is prevalent. It starts focally within the brain and causes impairment of consciousness. In the majority of cases, complex partial seizures are of unknown etiology (ie, cryptogenic).
Temporal lobe focus. Individuals who have partial complex seizures have focus of seizures in the temporal lobe of the brain.

Could I die from a complex partial seizure?

Yes, it is possible. Although not a rosy answer but yes it is possible. It is an unfortunate complication of a not properly managed or treated complex partial seizure. If you having seizures, it is recommended that you consult your neurologist for close evaluation and management. Please view this link from the epilepsy foundation: http://epilepsy. Com/learn/types-seizures/complex-partial-seizures. Hope that helps!

Please tell me, could you die from a complex partial seizure?

Unlikely, but. If the seizure were to be untreated, generalize, and result in a series of uncontrolled convulsions, this could be life-threatening. Also, lack of therapy could lead to nitetime events, causing sudep, a risky situation. Thus, all seizure disorders should be treated with medication to be safe.

Please tell me, could a condition diagnosed as complex partial seizure last up to two weeks?

Sounds odd. Seeing as the average complex partial seizure is about 2 minutes... I'm not seeing how 2 weeks of symptoms--especially if continuous symptoms--would be due to a single seizure.

Docs can you explain what is a complex partial seizure?

Varies. Typical......Motionless state, altered cosciousness followed by repetitive purposeless movements.......Arm, hand, lip smacking, swallowing, sucking, chewing, fumbling, picking at clothes, varibly involving both sides.

What is a simple partial seizure vs. A complex partial seizure?

Simple vs complex. Complex has some alteration of mental state, the person is not completely aware simple can be motor movements or sensory experience with full alertness.
Simple v complex sz. The difference has to do with alertness. A simple partial seizure: the person is awake, alert, and they can feel the seizure- it may cause arm or face twitching, tingling or a visual sensation Complex partial seizure: the person may look awake, but they are not alert, and they may have no memory of the seizure or anything that occurs during the seizure. This may look like staring.

Please help! I have complex partial seizure disorder?

Clarify. Your question isn't clear as to what you'd like to know. With this condition, it is basic care to make sure that you are partnered with a neurologist who works with seizure disorders. You live in an area that has plenty of access to healthcare so please start your research and make an appointment asap.
See a neurologist. You should consult a neurologist who specializes in seizures, to discuss available medications for seizure control.
Seizures. You need a Neurologist for treatment and evaluation.

I was recently diagnosed with complex partial seizure disorder. Started with one med but now 2?

CPS. Cps, is more common and difficult to treat than grand mal or generalized seizures, sometimes one seizure medication is not enough to treat cps, in some cases 2-3 medications are needed to acheive the seizure control, if cps is uncontrolled with 3 medications for 6 months then a work up for epilepsy surgery may be recommended.
Yes. It is not uncommon to require more than one anti-seizure medication to control seizures.