Estrogen and cognitive impairment?

Estrogen2use or not. Estrogens are like any other med. They have side effects some good, some bad. If your family history is strong for cardiac or osteoporosis estrogen is a good option to keep you healthy. If you have a family history of breast cancer or a personal history of blood clots it would be better to pass on the estrogen use. Discuss all of this with your md and make an informed decision for you :).
NIH, Johns Hopkins, Studies raised concerns about complications from estrogen supplements in older patients, as seems enhanced stroke and heart attack risks, and even increased incidence of alzheimer's. Estradiol may or may not be an exception. Best to be safe.

Related Questions

What sort of disease is cognitive impairment?

Typically neurodegen. (amnestic) mild cognitive impairment (mcia) is a clinical term used to describe a phase of life that falls between pre symptomatic (have illness but no symptoms at all) and mild dementia due to alzheimer's disease. The person is forgetful and their memory recall tests between normal and frankly abnormal and they remain independent in their activities of daily living. It can progress o 1-9 years.
Not a disease. This is a variation in pattern of function not a disease. Although it is seldom recognized until the person shows signs (later childhood or adulthood), they are either born with it or they acquire it through injury or illness.

What could be the cause of my cognitive impairment at 60?

Lots of reasons. Cognitive impairment is due to many issues, chief of which is poor health. This can be manifest by poor nutrition & lack of exercise. Smoking, excess alcohol consumption & illicit substance use increase risk. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol & heart disease are all associated w/cognitive impairment. Infections & some medications can push some over the line if their health is iffy.
Multifactorial. Cognitive impairment can have many causes. The entire history of the patient needs to be taken into account. Certainly, history of traumatic brain injury, excessive alcohol consumption, recreational drug usage, stroke are all factors. Absent these, neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimer's, parkinson's, and normal pressure hydrocephalus are possibilities that can be investigated.

What is mild cognitive impairment?

Memory and thought. Mild cognitive impairment is difficulty in memory and ability to carry out thought processes- and although it's mild, there's can be some confusion involved. It's difficult to lay down new memories with cognitive impairment.
Early dementia. The diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (mci) is defined as impairment in one (and only one) cognitive domain. This is a new version of what had been called "isolated memory impairment." thought by some to be early signs of alzheimer's disease, mci is mild in nature and isolated to one area.

How do doctors assess for cognitive impairment?

Testing. Typically they ask the person thinking questions and gauge their ability to respond. Subtract 7 from 100 and keep going. Perform a memory test of three item recall. Draw the face of a clock with the time saying 7:25 or some other "none even" time. There are other more specialized test that can be done, typically by psychologists.
Developmental/psycho. Use one or more established standardized tests of intellectual functioning and compare the results to chronologic age of the person. Tests look at both abilities and knowledge as ell as learning skills and application of these and academic achievement if applicable. Scores measure iq; 90-110 normal range.

Official website for mild cognitive impairment?

There is none. Dementia-related groups such as the alzheimer's association, huntington's disease association and many others deal with various degrees of cognitive impairment. There is no "official website".

Mild cognitive impairment. What exactly is this?

Explanation. "dementia" is a functional term. It refers to a person who has not been independent in activities of daily living (adls) for at least 3 consecutive months. Dementia has numerous possible causes (eg alzheimer's). Mci = unequivocal loss of faculties: memory, thinking, reasoning, insight, judgment, task completion, apraxia, etc without being as functionally impaired as a demented person.

How do I deal with cognitive impairment if diabetes?

Control. Control your blood sugar. Avoid the extremes (high and especially low blood sugar). Control other risk factors: blood pressure, cholesterol. Maintain healthy diet and exercise regularly. Do activities that stimulate your brain. See your physician for more individualized advice. Good luck.

When doctors say cognitive impairment, what do they mean?

Difficulty thinking. Cognitive impairment refers to difficulties with thought process, including mental retardation or dementias.