My ears feel clogged and I wondered if cerumen impaction?

See an ENT Doc. Don't wonder any more, see an ear specialist. That is what we do day in and day out. You need to see and ENT doctor if only to make sure you do not have anything else such as fluid behind your ear drum or even a foreign body in the ear canal.

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If I have cerumen impaction, will the doctor clean out the ear? What will they do?

Ear impact ion. If it is a true impacted ear canal, the goal is to remove the impacted cerumen (wax) this is done usually with drops containing peroxide or another cerumen removal material. Often it is in flushed with sterile saline or water using a pressure device or an aerosol. If this is not helpful the wax is sometimes remove manually using a forceps. Procedures generally well tolerated with minimal pain.

What is cerumen impaction and more importantly will the doctor clean out the ear or what?

Ear wax buildup. There are plenty of home remedies, but for large accumulations, you would do best seeing an ent. Trying other things could lead to more problems.

Can cerumen impaction contribute to vertigo? Thinking of asking for ear lavage while I'm in the ER since I haven't had one in a very long time.

ENT. Your family doctor or an ENT can fix this problem. The er is absolutely not the right option for this common non-life threatening problem.
Yes, Possibly. Especially if associated with an ear infection or i'd fluid is trapped behind the wax. You should see your doctor. It is inappropriate to see an er for cerumen impaction. You should go to an urgent care clinic or to your pcp.