Why do bullies have superiority complex?

It is just a front. Bullies try to project an image if superiority to cover up their real feelings of inferiority. By picking on kids, they try to cover up their emotional and social inadequacy. But their behaviors have devastating effects on the victums.That is why their behaviors must be dealt without delay and stopped. Most bullies barely finish high school, have jobs that lack skill and have criminal records.
Inferiority complex. I agree w dr. Kriedman that bullies actually often don't think too highly of themselves. They put people down to make the other person feel lower and so that they can feel higher. It is pretty lame isn't it? Bullying isn't good for the people who do it, for the people at the receiving end, for the people who witness it or for the people who care about the individuals involved.
Inferiority. Believe it or not, bullies tend to have inferiority complexes, often from having been bullied themselves. and yes, it can continue into adult life. Tell someone you know and trust about the bullying. Keeping it inside does no good.