Should I remove my breast tumor if it will it disfigure my breast?

Generally yes. There are many considerations when answering this question. If the cancer is confined to the breast without having spread to any distant organs, then surgery is an important part of the cancer therapy, even if it disfigures the breast. Ask to talk to a plastic surgeon to see what breast reconstruction may be an option for you.
Second opinion. There are many options availabe for removing tumors and preventing disfiguring the breast. If this is a cancer, then you may consider chemotherapy or hormonal therapy before surgery to shrink the tumor. If this is a benign tumor then an "oncoplastic" procedure can be performed. Usually a breast surgeon and plastic surgeon will work together to get the tumor out and leave you with good cosmesis.

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If they remove my breast tumor will it disfigure my breast?

Hopefully not. Benign breast tumors (i.e. Fibroadenomas) can be addressed percutaneously via vacuum assisted excision or cryoablation with min. Scar and little or no cosmetic effect. Cancer treatment will leave a scar. A secondary goal of breast conservation (after appropriate treatment of the cancer) is to preserve a cosmetically appropriate breast. Oncoplastic techniques may assist in this regard.
Depends. Depending on the size of the tumor and the size of the breast, the deformity that may occur varies greatly. If the tumor is large and the breast is small, the change of a disfiguring change is high. The larger the breast, the less likely the surgery will disfigure the breast. Discuss this with your surgeon.

How does a breast tumor look like?

Firm whitish tissue. A breast tumor is a mass of tissue that is firm and more dense than surrounding breast tissue. It is usually pale or white in color. The edges are usually irregular and can project into normal tissue.
Tumor. The word tumor means a growth. There are benign tumors and cancerous tumors. Benign breast tumors can be a fluid cyst or a firm solid rounded fibroadenoma. Cancerous breast tumors are firm and irregular and look abnormal on mammogram and breast ultrasound.

What's the cause of a breast tumor?

Growth. A tumor is an excessive growth of tissue not always cancerous in fact most tumors are benign.
Multiple. The cause can be from your family history, estrogen therapy, history of radiation to the chest, or in most cases just bad luck.

Is removing a breast tumor dangerous?

Not usually. All surgery has some risk, but in general breast cancer surgery is very safe. It is certainly much safer than not having such surgery when there is a diagnosis of suspected or proven cancer. Risks include bad reactions to anesthesia and infection, but both of these are very rare. Thousands of such operations are done without complications every year.

How can you tell if you have a breast tumor?

See a doctor. You cannot tell without getting a physical examination with a doctor & scheduling a mammogram with possible breast ultrasound. Sometimes further testing with needle biopsy may be indicated.
Mammogram, etc. The best test to screen for breast cancer is a mammogram. Most organizations in the us recommend beginning this at age 40, unless one is at high risk. This may be supplemented by yearly physician examination and monthly breast self-examination.