If I have biopsy of thyroid with cancer, what are my chances of survival?

Generally great. The worst kind of thyroid cancer is anaplastic-- the survival is short, usually months. For all other kinds, as long as the thyroid cancer hasn't spread to other organs, the survival is very favorable. Most patients end up dying *with* thyroid cancer, and not *from* thyroid cancer.
Excellent. Best to review with your treating surgeon, but with thyroidectomy, lymph node removal, sometimes radioactive iodine, most people are cured. Even in a situation if it has spread, people still live a normal life, for many decades.

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Multinodular goiter dx. Us biopsy of thyroid- benign. What's the treatment for goiter? History of cancer- can't I just get it removed prophylacticly?

Why? Unless it represents a danger like cancer, or is a severe physical or cosmetic problem, why remove an organ "prophylactically"/ if that were true, why not also "prophylactically" remove your nose, breasts, external ears, toes, one kidney......And all the other parts of your body you don't really need that could potentially cause trouble in the future? Read more...
Not necessary. You have a very common benign condition. While removing it "prophylacticly" may seem reasonable every single procedure or operation carries with it significant risk such as bleeding, infection, damage to adjacent structures, etc... So you and your doctors need to weigh the risk and benefit of this procedure. Under the circumstances few would agree to remove. Read more...