How do tell difference between backpain and kidney flank pain?

Cvat. You can test for costovertebral angle tenderness. Basically you take your fist and gently tap the back on both sides directly below the rib cage. If there is inflammation of the kidneys such as kidney infection, or even a kidney stone this will be extremely painful.

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Sharp right flank pain but no back pain no ovaries or appendix not kidney stone or infection so what are other possibilities? Pain keeps me up at nigh

See answer. Based on the exclusions in your question and assuming kidney problem has been ruled out by urinalysis and CT scan, most likely cause of your rt-sided flank pain is a neuromusculoskeletal problem: back muscle strain/sprain; radiculitis affecting the lower thoracic/upper lumbar nerve roots; pre-skin eruption shingles (herpes zoster); or rib fracture. Other possible causes: lung, liver, gall bladder.

I have had mid-back pain/flank pain, lower back pain constantly for weeks. Could it be my arthritis or my weight (344) on height (5'9)?

Back pain. Difficult to determine based on the information that you provided. Flank pain is more often related to kidney infection or stones. Mid and low back pain can be caused excessive weight and poor core strength. See your medical doctor for evaluation.

I have Frequent urination, pain while ejaculation, some time testicular pain and lower back pain and flank pain form last 2 years.

Possible prostatitis. This combination of symptoms sounds like prostatitis, although the symptoms could have several other causes. There could also be underlying problems helping to cause the prostatitis, such as an obstruction in the urethra. Prostatitis is sometimes treated with antibiotics. Because of the possibility of other causes it would be advisable to consult a urologist about the diagnosis and treatment.

Lower back pain, lower abd pain, intermittent flank pain, ESR 28, CRP 9.4, CBC & chem 12 wnl. Afebrile. (had tah w/ bso last jan). Feeling drained.?

Crp is high. Even without fever or other lab abnormalities you may still have an infection. It's worth seeing your doctor, especially with an unexplained CRP of 9.

How to tell the difference between back pain and flank pain?

Can be difficult. It is not always possible to tell the difference. Flank pain is usually higher up than the typical lower back pain that most people get and also farther out to one side of the back, not so much towards the middle. See your doctor if this applies to you and get checked out.