Can you tell me in wheat allergy can we eat oatmeal?

Yes, but.... Oatmeal is a very different grain than wheat is and it is rare that a person is allergic to both. However, many places that make cereals use the same equipment to process the oats as they do wheat, so cross contamination with small amounts of wheat can occur. Read label of your oatmeal - it will usually list if prepared in a facility where wheat exposure/contamination may occur.
Read lables. Oates are free of gluten or gliaden that trigger wheat allergy symptoms.However,the oatmeal may be processed on machinery that is used in wheat processing.If so, even a small amount of wheat contaminant may end up in the oatmeal.The content labels will usually list on the last row of the content section. It often reads "prepared in a facility where wheat is processed".

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For people with wheat allergy can we eat oatmeal?

Depends. Many of the commonly available oat products are milled at the same facilities that mill wheat. If so, trace amounts of wheat can contaminate the oats and result in a sensitivity reaction. If you examine the consumer label of these products you may be able to find one that is milled on separate equipment and safe to consume. Read more...