Has anyone taking morphine sulfate or avinza 30mg cp24?

Both used widely. Both are excellent sustained release preparations of morphine. Avinza is a once a day product. Ms contin is used 2-3 times per day.

Related Questions

What is the effect of taking morphine sulfate oral concentrate?

Pain relief/sedation. This is typically prescribed for relief of pain. However, significant sedation may occur. Stick to prescribed doses and follow all precautions.

Taking 3 morphine sulfate 60 mg er for three weeks. How long does it take to get out of my system by October 24?

Hmmm.......... ....Seems you may have an impending drug test. I suggest you refrain from the use of controlled substances under those circumstances, and see your Dr for treatment alternatives.

I was wondering is a 45-60mg dose of morphine sulfate safe?

Speak with Doctor. This is not a place for dispensing information on what opiate pain medication is appropriate for you without actually knowing more about your medical history. As an aside, pain medication are rarely ever helpful in a long term situation with this pain.

What is the max dose for morphine sulfate -30 mg- every day?

Depends. It depends if you are on narcotics and are narcotic tolerant, I have seen patients on morphine more than 100 mg three times a day.

Can you tell me how to properly use roxanol (morphine sulfate)?

Morphine treats pain. Roxanol (morphine sulfate) is a very potent narcotic prescribed for moderate to severe pain. It should ONLY be taken as prescribed by your physician. Used improperly it can cause addiction, slowed breathing, slow heart rate and even death. Follow the instructions your individual prescribing physician gave you to stay safe.