If 1st delivery is thru csection then is 2nd delivery will also happen by way c-section?

Not necessarily. Having had a prior Cesarean section does not necessitate or obligate someone to have another Cesarean. In consultation with your obstetrician, you need to discuss the reason(s) for your first Cesarean and he/she will review your current pregnancy and together you can discuss the risks and benefits of a trial of labor after Cesarean (TOLAC)--an attempt to deliver vaginally.
Not necessarily. Once you have had a cesarean, you always have the option of having a repeat cesarean the next time. After one, depending on how it was performed, you may have the option of a trial of labor. This is trying to have a vaginal delivery. There is about a 1% chance of the old scar opening up during labor, so it isn't without risk. Also, some hospitals or doctors may allow that option.
Maybe yes, maybe no. If the incision on the uterus is vertical, then you need another C/S. If it is low transverse, then you can consider a VBAC which is a vaginal delivery after a CS. You need to ask if this is an option at the beginning of the pregnancy. Many OB's don't offer VBACs. The concern is uterine rupture which can have devastating effects on the mother and the baby. The rate is low but unpredictable.
VBAC is option. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is an option for many women. A lot of it depends on the circumstances of the first cesarean. Nowadays, most OBs offer VBAC to at least some of their patients.
C. section delivery. Not necessarily. The decision on how to deliver the 2nd pregnancy depends on the problems which led to the first c. section. These problems usually involve the Passenger(Fetus), the Passage (mother's pelvis), and the Powers (quality of contractions and maternal complications). If these problems do not exist in the 2nd pregnancy, successful vaginal delivery is possible in the appropriate hospital.
Absolutely NOT! Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is a common practice across the United States. Some women choose to have their next baby by cesarean section (or c-section) if their last delivery was traumatic. But many women look for a doctor and a hospital that practices VBACs. It can require some changes in how you give birth sometimes, so finding the right doctor is important, as always.
It Depends. VBAC (Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean) is an option at some larger hospitals. There is an increased risk of uterine rupture - the scar tissue from the previous c-section tearing open. This is a true OB emergency and a dedicated OR team must be avail the whole time you're in labor. You OB also must be immediately avail. The advisability of a trial of labor must be discussed with your OB.
Most likely. VBAC's have fallen in popularity for many reasons, including risks to mother and fetus, requirements imposed on doctors and delivery team, and time involved. It is easier and safer to schedule a repeat c/section.