Child with birth defects?

And your question is. If you have a specific question please ask it. As written this collection of words does not provide enough detail to be an answerable question.
Not rare. 2-4% of all liveborns will have some major or minor defect in anatomy. Please specify the details for a more appropriate answer.

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How do I cope with having a child with birth defects?

Become informed. The common responses to a birth defect runs the list of shock, disbelief, anger, depression and, over time a resolution & reorganization of your life & thinking. It is often helpful to learn as much about the defect/s, thoughts on origin, possibility of recurrrance, genetic contribution, etc. Meeting other parents who have been thru the same process may help, though I find most won't try for years.
Get support! First, find support! Its hard enough being a parent and even harder if your child has serious health issues. Find other parents of children with similar problems, either on-line or in your community. Find doctors who you trust for your child. And, learn as much as you can about your child's birth defect and what can be done to help your child function as well as possible.

How do I help manage my child's heart birth defect?

Variable. Some defects like small ventriculoseptal defects close all by themselves and require no intervention, others like hypoplastic left heart require transplant. Unfortunately how you manage the defect depends upon the exact nature of the disease.
Get Good Advice. The best way to help manage a heart birth defect is to first identify the problem. Then seek advice from a qualified pediatrician or if more complicated, a pediatric cardiologist. Some heart birth defects actually disappear with age. Some are permanent, but harmless. Others require more intense therapy or even surgery. Your doctor can guide you.
Educate yourself. Because there is a wide range of heart defects, the best thing you can do to manage your child's defect is to learn as much about it as possible. Your child's pediatric cardiologist can inform you about what to look for as signs that your baby may be having more trouble and may need to see the doctor. Learn about the baby's medications, and if surgery is needed learn about it before it happens.
Develop a logbook. One of the best things one of my patients mom's did over the years was develop a log book. In it she always had detailed information about each physician involved in her daughters care. There were updated schematics of what the heart defect was, and what shunt/repairs were in place. There were med lists and when started/stopped. The other data was always quite helpful when I needed to review it.
All of the above. The answers you have received are very helpful. The specific care depends on the heart condition your child has; I would leave that to your child's cardiologist. But educating yourself and creating a log book can be especially helpful.

Took prozac (fluoxetine). Will I have a child with birth defects?

No increased risk. There is a baseline of birthdefects for any pregnancy. There is no evidence that this risk is increased with ssri antidepressants like prozac. Lawyers scare ads have targeted the most popular antidepressants such as Prozac and zoloft (sertraline) because these have the most safety infomation so mds have used them most in pregnancy. Any risk of taking med must be compared to risk of depression not taking it.
Prozac (fluoxetine) Medications like Prozac (fluoxetine) are part of the family of ssri medications. They have been studied extensively and are not believed to cause birth defects. Their use in the third trimester of pregnancy has been associated with newborn jitteryness. Your pediatrician should be made aware of this drug exposure to watch your newborn carefully for these potential problems. No exposure in 3rd tri is helpful.

If I use acutane while I am pregnant, will my child have birth defects?

Possibly - stop it! Retin-a is a known teratogen and its use is strongly discouraged throughout pregnancy! Stop using it now, talk to a genetic counselot and get a comprehensive 76811 mfm ultrasound to check for anatomical anomalies on your fetus.
Expect to. This is not a med to try to cheat on. I never prescribe it myself, because of the risks involved. I believe the manufacturer requires women to sign off on the warnings about pregnancy as part of their requirement for providing the drug. They also suggest you use two forms of birth control if sexually active.

What to do if I lived near a "superfund site", did it cause my child's birth defects?

No way to know. Birth defects can have soooo many possible causes, there is really no way to know if it's from your environment. It could also have been from a virus you had during pregnancy, defects in your genetic code/dna, something you ate undercooked, cigarette smoke you were exposed to, a vitamin deficiency. It is difficult if not impossible to pinpoint causes of most birth defects.

Can you tell me if I swallow orbit gum will my child have a birth defect?

Orbit gum. No your child is not likely to develop a birth defect despite the face that it my contain aspertane or genetically modified sugars.

What if I am pregnant and my boyfriend is taking Zolft. Is it possible for my child to have birth defects?

No. There is no proven evidence that if he is taking Zoloft (sertraline) that will cause birth defects.
Wouldn't worry. In deference to a woman, whose eggs are effected by everything she experiences/meds/radiation/etc the men get a bit of a pass. Sperm are generated by stem cells by the tens of thousands daily. Only the healthiest & best swimmers will be the one to reach the egg to fertilize it. That gives men a pass on the effects of most of their bad habits when it comes to birth defects.