Is a cellulite lotion which contains the asthma drug, aminophylline safe to use?

Cellulite lotion. Aminophylline has been a useful drug for asthma. It is still used but not as frequently. When used by mouth or intravenously we are able to check the blood levels to avoid toxicity. It's use for the cellulites as a local application is quite safe. However, the effectiveness is controversial. I guess there will be no harm in trying. Please share your experience.
No benefit. Cellulite is an annoying problem to millions of women. It is caused by an uneven superficial fat layer as well as tiny ligaments that hold the skin down. The only effective and fda approved treatment is called cellulaze by cynosure. It is a one time minimally invasive procedure that permanently removes cellulite. To find a provider in your area go to www. Cynosure. Com.