For the last several weeks I have been running consistently low blood sugars. I am not diabetic and my eating habits haven't changed. What could be causing this?

Define. Hi. Please define hypoglycemia. If you're not taking diabetes drugs, true pathological hypoglycemia is vanishingly rare. Did you become confused, lose consciousness, have a seizure? If not, there is a popular self-diagnosis of "hypoglycemia" that isn't real. There are rare familial syndromes where pancreatic tumors can occur that cause pathologic hypoglycemia. See an endocrinologist if indicated.
Low blood sugar. What made you start checking your blood sugar consistently? Has your body's shape changed meaning putting on more lean muscle than fat? Has your activity level increased meaning are you exercising more? These are the most simplest answers to the change in your blood sugar level. Are you symptomatic with what you consider low blood sugar meaning getting sweaty, confused or having seizures?
Eat more protein. You should go to your doctor and have an oral glucose tolerance test. They should also test your fasting and 2 hr insulin levels. You may also need a work up for a possible insulioma (insulin secreting tumor). Others diagnostic tests may be needed. In the mean time, try to consume 15-20 gms of protein every 4 hrs while awake.
Low blood sugars. How do you know that you are running low blood sugars? Usually only diabetics have glucose testing machines. More info is needed.
What do you call . A low blood sugar??and what prompts you to check it?? Blood sugars in the 60s are normal blood sugars and healthy.? I see you drink caffeine.! If you eat a carb meal couch as cereal and juice and drink coffee your blood sugar ewillmrise right after but fall within 1-2 hours to the 60range. Eat more protein , less carbs less caffeine and your sugar will be more stable higher .