Related Questions

Why would you have an adenosine/cardiolite stress test done?

Inability to run. Generally an Adenosine stress test is done because the patient cannot run on a treadmill, due to pain, balance issues, or some other reason. The Cardiolite portion is often used with traditional stress tests too, as an additional test to check for reversible ischemia.
Ischemia evaluation. Adenosine/cardiolite stress test is usually done to look for ischemia. Adenosine is a pharmacologic stress agent which is used often when patients cannot exercise on treadmill adequately. Cardiolite is the tracer used to image the heart.

Should right arm still be hurting & numb from dipyridamole cardiolite stress test done today. Completed at 3:30 pm?

Arm discomfort. No it should not be uncomfortable hours later; is the right arm the site of the iv? Did it bother you at the time of the stress test? I think you should have this looked at ASAP.

How much does adenosine nuclear stress test cost?

Adenosine stress $$$. The cost depends on where you live and whether test is being done in a hospital facility or cardiologist office the cost can vary from 800$ to 2000$.

I'm having an MRI adenosine stress test for my heart. Should I be worried about the risks? How often do you see serious problems with this?

MRI stress test. As long as he will kidney function, lung function and ECG conduction are reasonable there should be very minimal worry of bad effects, adenosine can cause transient breathlessness, headache, abdominal distress typically self limiting for a few minutes. Check with the ordering physician if you should hold your diltiazem. Good luck.

What can you tell me about the cardiolite nuclear stress test?

Myocardial scan. A cardiac perfusion scan measures the amount of blood supplied to your heart muscle. Radiotracers such as thallium or technetium sestamibi (cardiolite) are injected intravenously and travel through blood to heart muscle.2 sets of images are made during rest and exercise and compared. Indications for this study include chest pain, previous heart attack, heart surgery and coronary artery disease.

Had echocardiogram, nuclear stress test w cardiolite, EKG and 30 day holter. Does the echo and nuclear test rule out CAD or any potential blockages?

Tests. In your age group the tests you had suggest that you presently have no significant problems with coronary blood flow. You won't get a guarantee for the future but good diet, exercise along with no smoking and medical follow up will be prudent.