What to do if I am suffering with constant chest pain and nausea, please help!!?

Chest pain go to ER. There are a number of causes for these symptoms, many of them serious. This could be due to heart problems and you should go to the ER for an evaluation to make certain this is not life threatening. .
Go to the nearest ER. You need to go immediately to the nearest Emergency Room for further evaluation. This could represent many concerning medical problems that requires much more information from your medical history and additional tests to determine the cause. While there is a possibility these symptoms could be insignificant, you would need additional testing to rule-out more immediately concerning conditions.
Gastric reflux. Considering you are young and probably have no cardiac problems, u probably are suffering with acid reflux. Try taking over the counter Prilosec x 14 days on empty stomach in am and avoid acid producing foods like tomatoes, onions, peppermint, alcohol, citrus fruits. If symptoms get worse, u need a further evaluation! Type A personality people suffer with gastric reflux problems more than others.