What do you suggest if my child is 3 hasnt had MMR shot yet?

Go today! It's not too late to get it done. But it may be too late if you don't get it done soon, as there are more and more cases of measles being reported in this country daily. If your child gets the vaccine today, within a month they will be building great immunity to protect them from measles, mumps and rubella. Why risk brain infection and life-long disability when a trip to the doctor can prevent it!
Time for a visit. In 1998 Dr Wakefield published an article suggesting a tie in of MMR with autism. The research was based on fraudulent data instigated by British lawyers. Wakefield lost his medical license, the research was debunked, but many still fear the MMR. You can get it tomorrow, or risk the diseases. Clusters are reported in Texas & soon likely through the whole country. Measles can kill at any age.
MMR. As practicing pediatricians, we still see outbreaks of all these diseases. It has been well shown that it is not the MMR vaccine that is linked to autism. At any rate, your child is now three years old and is likely talking and communicating. Go to get the first MMR for your child and the booster dose will be next year at 4.