Help docs, is high blood pressure a potential risk if I'm having surgery that requires anesthesia?

Maybe. It's important to make sure that all health problems such as high blood pressure are well controlled before you have surgery or anesthesia. Your physician anesthesiologist has medications available to treat high blood pressure if necessary during and after surgery. It rarely causes any serious problems, though heart attack and stroke risk are higher for high BP patients. See your primary MD.
Yes. If your blood pressure is uncontrolled and your surgery is elective I would suggest postponing the procedure. If the procedure were an emergency, then BP could be controlled intraoperatively. There would still be increased risk for a hypertensive crisis, heart attack, or stroke.

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Help docs! My daughter has high blood pressure. How do we lower it?

Hard to say. High blood pressure can be triggered by many issues and management requires a thorough review of the history, physical exam and baseline testing. Your question provides little if any information. It is time for an evaluation by a physician, and a thorough review of the applicable treatments. Read more...

Iv had consistently high blood pressure for a year even with exercise and good diet. At what point do I start worrying. My doc still hasn't addressed it?

Depends. At your age, very early for what we call essential hypertension. Hope your doctor did work up (blood work, urine test and EKG) to look for correctable causes of high blood pressure (less than 5% of folks). If all negative, I will go 6 mo with diet and exercise changes. If stil up, time to start medication. Read more...