My kids have swollen glans or aka sore throat. Do I use? They hate haggling with salt and water. And I have no caffeine free tea. What do I do?

Sore throat. If gargling with warm salt water is a problem, perhaps they will sip beef or chicken bouillon, the saltiness of which is soothing to a sore throat. Honey is also soothing (caution in very young whose immune system may not yet be fully developed). Chicken soup provides warmth, saltiness, nutrition from chicken protein, decongestion. If sore throat worsens or high fever, see fp for eval & tx.
Miracle drugs. Ice cream or popsicles works wonders. Also soothing to thoat and kids would be happier eating them rather than broth.
Dr. Lewis correct. Gargle don't haggle! caffeine free tea available everywhere until you go to store, warm water a bit of lemon and a healthy teaspoon of honey should suffice short term. Best of luck!