If I am breast feeding and want to have an adult beverage do I need to express my milk and throw it out after drinking?

Don't pump and dump. While it' not a good idea to drink alcohol on a regular basis while nursing, an occasional drink is ok. There are various recommendations - wait 2 hours after drinking before you nurse or until you feel back to normal are pretty good rule of thumb. Pumping and dumping does not speed the clearance of alcohol from breast milk, so does not need to be done. See: http://tinyurl. Com/864xezk.
Time it right. Lord knows that moms (and dads) of newborns can use a good drink every now and then. But if you're nursing, you'll want to wait at least 3-4 hours after drinking alcohol before you give your baby milk. Best time is to have that glass of wine right after feeding. Babies do get alcohol from breast milk and it can adversely affect them.