Do people with liver failure get drunk with less alcohol?

Yes, and get sicker. You need your liver to live.With progressive liver failure, your body loses the ability to clear alcohol from your system. They can commonly become drunk on less alcohol; other toxicities are increased, as is the ongoing damage to the liver, which can become irreversible. Death from liver failure is not pretty. Bottom line, no amount of alcohol is safe for someone with liver failure.
Yes. And damage their already-damaged livers more severely with each event. When people "lose" their tolerance and get drunk with much less alcohol, it is a sign that the liver is going to fail completely, and fail quite soon. This leads to hepatic coma, sometimes with massive fluid retention, infection and death from several possible causes. Such an individual must stop or they will die soon.

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Is liver damage from alcohol linked to one's tolerance for alcohol? Would someone get drunk quicker with a damaged liver? Or the reverse?

It depends. The liver uses an enzyme to metabolize alcohol. Initially, before liver disease begins, the liver can produce more of that enzyme with increasing alcohol consumption, allowing you to tolerate more alcohol. Once liver damage begins to occur, however, the liver is not able to make as much of that enzyme, and you may get drunk were quickly. If you have liver damage, you should drink no alcohol at all. Read more...