16 days late, severe lower abdominal pain, moodiness. Three negative pregnancy tests. ER Dr said no signs of infections or abnormalities. Pregnant?

By the time you are. 16 days late - a pregnancy test should be positive if you are actually pregnant. Pregnancy tests are very accurate when correctly used. I would trust the test.
Hard to advice. Hard to advice without knowing your full history, exam, lab tests & radiologic studies done. Work up should have include urine cx, CBC & complete metabolic profile including lipase, vaginal cultures, abdominal/pelvic ultrasound or CT. You should' t have pain this early in a pregnancy. If you haven't had these studies, I'd see your physician.
Doubtful Doubtful. With a negative pregnancy test it is exceedingly unlikely that you would be pregnant.
Not likely. A negative result on a properly done pregnancy test, 16 days after a missed period is not consistent with pregnancy. You doctor needs to look for some other explanation for your symptoms.

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