I've had a 0, 5 CM swollen lymph node for 2 months. Doc said nothing to worry about. Now I think I can see 3 wisdom teeth hidden in my gums. My ear/throat hurts. Can wisdom teeth cause a swollen lymph?

Yes. this is an issue that should be evaluated by an Oral Surgeon who is best suited, by training and experience, to diagnose and treat wisdom tooth issues. As swollen lymph node may be due to infection, important that it be evaluated ASAP.
Possible. See your dentist to see if they need tone removed.
Infection. A swollen lymph node can be a sign of an infection, even a chronic one. This is something you should see your doctor about right away. You might need antibiotic treatment, or you could have an abscess, which would need to be drained. Call your physician for an appointment ASAP.