What is the treatment of erectile dysfunction secondary to psychological trauma due to a distressing sexual experience?

Sounds a little like. PTSD, but such a dx needs to be made by a sex therapist, or psychologist with experience with sexual trauma. ED, if all physical causes have been eliminated, is largely about anxiety, in your case probably about potentially emotionally revisiting the trauma, triggered by sexual stimuli. The tx is relaxation, sensate focus, and desensitization--standard tx's for anxiety, applied to sexuality.
See answer . Psychological factors are primarily responsible for about 10%-20% of all cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) and often a secondary reaction to an underlying physical cause as well. ED resulting from a "distressed sexual experience" may lead to performance anxiety and/or fear of repeated failure perpetuating the ED cycle. Treatment involves reassurance, psychological support or therapy, and ED drugs.
Surface and depth. You could try behavioral approaches to address the sexual issue, basically systematic desensitization to reverse the conditioned response linking distress with erectile function. You could also work on a "deeper" level and come to terms with the distressing sexual experience. You could use a medication to address the physical problem, but the psychological issue may or may not go away if ignored.

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Does Psychological trauma due to distressing sexual experience causes erectile dysfunction? I have ED from 10 months after failed in sexual experience

It can. Yes, it can contribute but you should first see your doctor to rule out medical causes of ED, then address it's psychological consequences. Many medical conditions can be otherwise asymptomatic and yet cause ED as can many medications. You can most certainly be treated and regain normal sexual functioning along with return of your confidence. Read more...

Does erectile dysfunction and loss of libido can happen from a psychological trauma from failure of a sexual experience? And what is the cure for it?

Here are some ... Possible, but I would still advise to have a comprehensive evaluation on general health, lifestyle, sex profile, drug use, etc. by stressing the quality, quantity, and sequence of events on all symptoms plus tests such T-level if testes are soft and "small" or being obese. So doing will define what may cause your current sexual concerns and reasonably propose Rx. That can be done within reach. Read more...