Sore throat, drainage from nose, persistent cough?

Perhaps allergies? If you have had this issue that is linked to a particular season or exposure to a location, like a friend's place where there is a cat, you could be suffering from allergies. Smoking can also cause similar symptoms. A physical exam would be very helpful in determining the problem. You could try using over the counter antihistamines like loratidine to see if that lessens your symptoms.

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Positive today for MRSA in my nose very sore throat chronic cough headache puffy sore scalp can this all be related to the spread of untreated mrsa?

Not likely. Mrsa colonization by itself causes no problems, but puts you at risk for invasive disease if you have major events, like surgery. Mrsa is an aggressive pathogen, so it isn't likely the cause of chronic sore throats or headaches. Unnecessary treatment of MRSA colonization leads to other problems like increased resistance to other antibiotics as well. Read more...

I have a persistent cough with white patches on one side of my hard palate right in front on my tonsils but not on them as well as a sore throat.?

Consistent. ..with viral upper respiratory infection assuming this has been going on for less than a week and you are otherwise well. This may be associated with mild fever that responds to Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Nsaids, sore throat, congestion, intestinal discomfort, fatigue and aches and pains. The white patches represent local immune response. Seek help if no improvement in 7 days. Get adequate rest and hydration. Read more...