Three days after wisdom tooth removal, horrible throbbing headache mostly if I move my head a certain way. Is this common? What should I do?

Please call your Dr. In most cases it's sounds like the symptoms of a ( dry socket ) do not rinse your mouth , spit mean while take pain medication until u get to the office ,
Not common, call DDS. We know nothing about you, your medical history and the degree of difficulty of the extraction. What you describe is not common and may or may not be related to the surgery. What to do:? Start by contacting the dentist who removed your tooth. He\she can discuss this issue further, decide whether or not you should be seen in the office and\or referred to your own physician to rule out medical cause.

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I've been experiencing a throbbing headache after my wisdom tooth removal. Is this normal?

Could be. Depending on the duration of this headache and recurrence of it. A throbbing pain radiating into ear and temple and throbbing headaches can be a sign of having developed fibrinolytic alveolitis - dry socket. If your ha not relieved by your meds given after procedure then best to contact the office. Read more...