Chipped back molar no tooth pain but tongue sore from rubbing. Discomfort in upper and lower jaw area. Molar on bottom. Can this cause jaw pain 2?

Definitely, yes. Traumatic ulcers of the tongue are usually the cause of the jaw pain. they are next to the cause of the damage (broken, sharp tooth) and go away once the source of the problem is removed. Fix your molar ASAP. .
Chipped tooth. Your jaw is more likely to be sore from bruxism (clenching\grinding of teeth) or from biting down on something hard that caused the tooth fracture in the first place. Pain can also radiate from the chipped tooth, an adjacent tooth or the sore tongue. Regardless, see your own dentist asap for a thorough evaluation and appropriate treatment.
Broken tooth. It is common that your tongue will be irritated by the sharp areaonyourbroken tooth and itcanbecomequite sore. The so.ution is those a dentist ASAP and get the tooth fixed. You will feel much better soon.
It might... The sooner you see a local dentist to have that broken tooth restored the sooner you will feel better.